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We’re Buying


Over the years, many individuals and families have chosen to sell their property to Bluestone Homes. We think it?s because of our reputation to create something of quality and lasting value that will enhance the community.

Bluestone Homes develops raw land into residential neighborhoods and builds homes on existing lots. If you are considering selling a piece of your property, whether it’s a single lot or several acres, we would like to hear from you. We have the experience required to help expedite this process.

We are actively looking for pieces of property zoned for residential use or those alternatively zoned with the potential for residential or mixed residential uses.

Key property we will consider:

  • Infill lots
  • Developed lots
  • Property owners who have land for sale
  • Homes with dividable lots



We are buying Portland Oregon land, call us!!

If you are a realtor who has land listed for sale, please contact us at: 503.632.5985.