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We have owned our Bluestone Home for almost 18 months. We were impressed with the clean and thoughtful design of the house, enabling it to make very efficient use of the square footage. Its energy efficiency has been exemplary. The quality of the construction is evidenced by the fact that the few “issues” that arose during the initial move-in period and at the conclusion of the one-year warranty were quite minor in character. We would definitely recommend consideration of a Bluestone Home if you are in the market for a new place to live.
–Warren & Kathleen


I would like to say we are extremely satisfied with the home we purchased from Bluestone Homes. It actually exceeded what we were hoping for when we started our home search in Portland. My wife and I love the solid construction, the green improvements incorporated into the design, the attention to details, the quick response and care to our inquiries, and meticulous follow-up on all the niggling little fix-ups that come with any large construction…we are extremely happy with our purchase. Whenever we walk into our new house, we feel so comfortable and content…I doubt that we will even contemplate moving for a long, long time. But if we do, we certainly would look for another Bluestone Home. –Andy

I wanted to thank you for your ongoing follow through on the house. It was above and beyond the call of duty and I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. My house brings me such joy and I could not have found a better fit for me. I am very impressed with the care and detail that Bluestone took with the development and just wanted to again convey my appreciation. I would be thrilled to recommend your projects to my architect friends any time! Thanks again for your high quality, work, attention to detail, and impressive follow through.
— Naomi


I’m extremely happy with my Bluestone Homes home. It is the first house I’ve ever owned and I feel fortunate to have bought from a builder who understood what I would want better than I did. From the laundry on the second floor, to the open “great room,” to the placement of the guest bathroom, aspects of the design that may seem minor or trivial to a first-time buyer like myself have proven to be huge assets. Bluestone Homes also has a knack for knowing where to use higher-end fixtures and features; and where more modest fixtures and features are perfectly suited. I shudder to think of what life would be like had I bought an older home or one that was not so carefully considered. Our Bluestone Homes home is full of light and warmth. It is a joy to come home. Bluestone is also extremely responsive in making adjustments and repairs.


We love our Bluestone Home. It is well constructed and the floor plan maximized the space offering great storage and spacious rooms. Our experience is Richard & Dawn are knowledgeable and take pride in the homes they build.
— Mary


Every visitor to this home loves it as much as I do! “We” love the high vaulted ceilings upstairs, the huge windows & light, the details in tile, woodwork and other finishes that give it a traditional, rich appearance. Having a lower level bedroom & bath is a great asset when I have guests. My 2 master suites are a delight as well.
— Barbara

We’re so in love with our house that when it’s time for us to move in a couple of years, we’ll look at Bluestone Homes first.
— Jackie in 2003

I miss my Bluestone Home. When we moved, we purchased a similar style of home as our Bluestone Home, but we quickly found it has no where near the quality.
— Jackie in 2007

The people we’ve had over are amazed by the looks and the size. It’s a small house but it doesn’t look like it or live like it. The quality of light is wonderful. It’s always bright and light because of how the windows are situated.
— Lynn

I really like the layout and design features. It has good flow and that makes it comfortable to live in on a day-to-day basis.
— Bill


Bluestone Homes provides quality construction and personable customer service. I have been treated well by their staff and had all my inquiries helpfully addressed. We love the kitchen appliances, flooring, and color choices throughout. Our home is easy to maintain and the energy efficiency and green construction are something we feel good about owning. I would highly recommend homes constructed by Bluestone to any of my friends and family.