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Who is Bluestone Homes?

Bluestone Employees-1
L-R: Richard Kassebaum, Dawn Kassebaum, Lynn Wright, Dani Rexine, Colby Stephens, & Roseann Johnson

Richard Kassebaum, company President, is an Oregon native and an incurable entrepreneur, building homes in the Portland area for over 18 years. He has a degree in accounting finance from Portland State University and knows how to manage his business to protect its viability. He loves the challenge of finding creative ways to use land, and considers himself an expert infill builder.

Dawn Kassebaum is Richard’s wife and Office Manager. She teams with Richard to make home design decisions as well as handling the day-to-day functioning of the office. Dawn handles personal service for our buyers, one of the things that make Bluestone unique.

Lynn Wright is our Bookkeeper and handles all the daily AP, AR and subcontractor forms as well as compiling detailed spreadsheets of the finishes and specifications included in our homes.

Colby Stephens is Richard’s assistant and site supervisor and handles the day-to-day management of the job sites. Colby also reviews our house plans for the details that make a good plan a great Bluestone home.

Roseann Johnson assists Richard in the land development side of our business. She manages the process to create separate lots for our homes. The process is complex and detailed and Roseann brings her skills to development, guiding our raw land through the city departments while working with surveyors and other professionals to create finished lots on which we build.

Dani Rexine is our interior designer extraordinaire! She selects all the colors and finishes for our homes. We enjoy seeing Dani’s selections come to life as our homes near completion. Her skill and knowledge make our homes stand-out from other new construction.

What is infill building? It is the process of designing and building homes on smaller areas of land, or “spot” lots, located within the urban growth boundary of our metropolitan area. Richard focuses on making the design of these homes well planned as well as beautiful, having personality!

Richard is the customer in custom home building. He builds the home as if he were going to live in it. Some examples: we want our common wall homes to provide quiet and privacy between the units so we add additional sound proofing in the common wall. We like our homes flooded with natural light so we add more windows and skylights. We like more privacy in bathrooms so we add soundproofing in the walls. We look at each design and reflect on what would be important if we lived there.

2016 has brought new styles of homes to our construction business. We are answering the demand of Portland buyers for a more modern style of home. We look forward to creating unique and beautiful homes in the years ahead!